Architectural Design and style (BFA)

This a single-day briefing starts by examining your existing IT environment and company objectives. Then it moves into the Envisioning Center, where you will see Microsoft options in action, via effective demos and scenarios customized to meet your requirements. The day involves mutual discovery, tailored solution and technologies drill-downs, and expert presentations. It culminates with the delivery of a clear and actionable image of how Microsoft and partner technologies can help you attain your company ambitions.

The southern African landscape is one particular richly layered with the culture of its folks. It is the home of the oldest continual tradition of painting in the world the broken and scattered remains of pottery from hundreds of ancient farming villages – the oldest going back two thousand years the stone walls of innumerable settlements scattered across the vast grasslands of the interior, which includes the towering, dry stone walls of Fantastic Zimbabwe that were house to many hundreds of folks practically a millennium ago and now a Planet Heritage Internet site. It could also even be the element of the world to which contemporary humans everywhere owe their origins.

The following is an excerpt from an article published in the specialized Russian magazine URBAN, about a project I had the honor to lead, in collaboration with my colleague Sergei Mostovoi and students from the Far Eastern Federal University in Vladivostok, Russia.

The anticraftsmanship I now practice for backyard projects is an attempt to locate the line where imperfection is no longer stunning, exactly where Wabi is no longer Sabi. It is not passive aggressive artisanry as significantly as it is aggressive aggressive hackjob whackmanship. It is not limited to exactly where my hand touches the wood either. It is the choices I created. I was sticking my tongue out at my square and my tape measure as I hacked away at the rain soaked wood. Then at the final minute I attempt to reel it back in just a little bit, to preserve it cool.

Accredited by the Charted Institute of Architectural Technologists, the course is structured in a way that makes it possible for you to pick a 4-year ‘sandwich degree’ option, whereby your third year is spent on placement in an architectural practice or comparable atmosphere. You may choose – and will be encouraged – to participate in the ERASMUS exchange programme, spending a number of months of exciting study abroad at a European university.

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