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My characters have Mining/Blacksmithing Enchanting/Leatherworking, Jewelcrafting/Tailoring Herbing/Inscription. I am leveling a couple of other alts so I can round out the mix with prime level alch, engineering, and skinning. I do not see a want to level the professions till the alt hits top level so the tiny guys just mine and skin and I sell the mats.

Hi. I need some suggestions on if my residence is haunted or not. I used to have a chocolate lab who died a couple of years ago. A few months right after she died I went to bed to go to sleep. I fell asleep and woke up at about 1:00 in the morning. i don’t really know what time it was precisely trigger I was as well scared to open my eyes when I heard panting from my dog and the click clacks of her toenails against the floor, receiving louder and louder. I couldn’t move but somehow sooner or later went back to sleep. That never ever occurred again.

If you live in a new residence then there is probably not a haunting going on in your property. I’m not saying it can not occur I am just saying that its not as likely to take place in a new property as it is to come about in a residence where people have lived and died. You will find that houses or buildings where folks have lived for a long time and individuals have really died there that you will have a a lot higher chance of paranormal activity going on.

Mask away: I had decided to use spray primer exactly where attainable (everywhere but the vinyl wallboard which I felt was also close to also several of the other non-paint surfaces such as the ceiling and windows. For masking tape I like the green Frog Tape. More pricey but worth it in my expertise. I also utilized plastic and cloth drop cloths more than the rug and seating and paper to cover windows and other elements. This took about an additional 2 hours.

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