How To Find a Great Real Estate Agent

Buying or selling a home can be a complicated process. It helps to have a professional in your corner who is not only knowledgeable about the local real estate market but also a good fit for you and your needs. You are going to be spending a lot of time and entrusting a lot of responsibility to the representative you choose. If you are looking for a real estate agent in Lake County, FL, here are some ways you can select a great one.

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Read Online Reviews

Your first round of research can start in the comfort of your living room. Start by reading customer reviews of agents in the area. While you may come across sites that list top agents, it’s smart to be a little wary. Many of these sites offer agents the opportunity to pay to be included in the lists, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that their clients are satisfied with their work. Focus on the reviews posted on neutral websites.

Attend Open Houses

Visiting a variety of open houses serves two purposes. First, you can get a feel for the current market in the area. If you’re buying a home, it lets you know what’s out there, and if you’re selling your home, it allows you to see some of the competition. Second, you get to watch local agents in action. You get a front row seat to how the agents showing available homes interact with potential clients. This can be particularly helpful if you are a first-time home buyer or are new to the area. 

Ask Trusted Friends

If you know people who have recently bought or sold a home, they can often provide a wealth of information about their agents. You can learn quickly which professionals to consider and which ones to avoid. Personal accounts from people you already trust can lead you to the agent who is best for you.

A lot of detail goes into even the simplest real estate transaction. Doing some research can help you find a great agent to handle those details for you.

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