Sofas, Coffee Tables & Inspiration (5)

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Man oh man, was that a celebration! We just got more than our hangover from last year’s Page 1 Party , and have much to report back. Thanks to the seemingly thousands of Dania Haters who came out to meet with fellow anti-Dania fans, and most importantly, to help our beloved Red Cross Everyone in attendance sported hatewristbands in a move of solidarity and camaraderie, as angry, heated discussions of how terrible Dania is ruminated all through the bar. It was a gorgeous coalescence of hate and enjoy, where our fervent disgust of all items Dania Furniture resulted in an enormous, charitable contribution to the Red Cross. If you are not familiar with them, they’re a quite tight organization that tries genuinely hard to do nicely for the planet…you know, the precise opposite of Dania. It really is protected to say we hit every single emotion achievable, but it was accented in smiles, hugs, cheers, and neighborhood. Needless to say, it was the greatest evening of everyone’s life.

Belk, thank you for your inspiring DIY ideas! You have each proper to be so Residence Proud! I have Pinned a link to your weblog on my Pinterest Board, House Sweet Home, at KayJay61 ought to you want to evaluation my representation of your design vision.

Great website! Here is a tip for SueFrang: Use low lustre black paint, not flat or gloss. This finish will end up searching specifically like that well-known black finish that you can discover at Pottery Barn or equivalent retailers that sell black furniture. My sister utilized Benjamin Moore brand in black, low-lustre for her antique dining room set and it looks fabulous.

Telling the difference amongst vintage and antique can be a lot tougher than you consider and really confusing, specially when it comes to collectibles. Usually antiques are classified to be at least 100 years old, but vintage products can be from pretty considerably any decade or era below a century in age. For example a one hundred year old farm table may possibly be described as antique, but a table from the 1950’s would appropriately be referred to as vintage. Curiously, even when the vintage table becomes one hundred years old (and for that reason antique), it could nevertheless be described as vintage because of its specific design and style. Ain’t that a head scratcher!

Horses can do other work besides field labor. They can also be employed for logging – dragging logs out of the woods or basically moving logs from 1 location to another. In fact, numerous logging operations in northern New York State still use trusty Belgian horses to haul the logs. These horses are so effectively-educated that they never even want to be driven. Confident-footed horses and draft ponies make excellent logging workers, and these animals are in a position to access places in the woods that no truck could get to.

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