Tips to help you diagnose and fix your sub zero ice maker

Is your sub zero ice maker not working properly?  There are several common causes that can prevent a sub zero refrigerator from working correctly.  The following are some useful sub zero ice maker repair tips to help you diagnose and fix your appliance.

Tips to help you diagnose and fix your sub zero ice maker

First Cause: Freezer Temperature Is Over 10 Degrees F

When the freezer temperature gets over 10 degrees F, then the ice maker will not be able to efficiently produce ice cubes.  You should set your freezer temperature between zero and 5 degrees F in order for your ice maker to work correctly.  When the temperature of your freezer is too high, make sure that its condenser fan works correctly and there is no debris in the condenser coils.  Also, check to see if the evaporator coils have any frost accumulated on them.  If your evaporator coils have frosted over, then most likely part of the freezer’s defrost system has failed.

Second Cause: Water Inlet Valve

The ice maker’s water inlet valve is a valve that is controlled electrically.  It opens up to supply water into the ice maker and dispenser.  If there is insufficient pressure or you have a defective water inlet valve, then water will not be able to flow through.  This will result in the ice maker not making ice.  In order to function properly, a minimum of 20 psi is required by the valve.  Be sure that the value has water pressure of 20 psi at least.  If there is sufficient water pressure, use a multimeter and check the power going to your water inlet value. If the pressure is sufficient and the water inlet valve is getting power, but your ice maker still isn’t filling up with water in order to make ice, then the water inlet valve will need to be replaced.

Third cause: Low Water Pressure Coming From Your Home Supply    

The water pressure in your house might be insufficient.  Water is supplied to the water and ice dispenser by the water inlet valve.  In order to function properly, the water inlet valve needs to have 20 psi minimum..  Test the pressure and check the water flow to determine whether it is 20 psi at least.

Fourth Cause: Door Switch 

Whenever the door on the refrigerator is open, the door switch turns the water and ice dispenser off.   The dispenser won’t turn on if the door switch isn’t working.  To determine whether or not you have a defective door switch, a multimeter can be used to test its continuity.  Replace the door switch if it doesn’t have continuity when it is activated.

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