Why We’re Not Quite Ready to Let Go of Animal Print

At the start and finish of every year, you’ll see list upon list of design experts stating which trends are ‘in’ and which are ‘out’. Lately, our interior designers at Décor Aid have seen a lot of animal-print bashing, of course, not without some valid reasoning. It can at times be loud and too busy, and when used inappropriately, completely overwhelming and downright tacky. However, our designers stand by the use of animal print in small doses, and will continue to use it as long as it fits into the style and scheme of a room. Here are a few reasons why they aren’t ready to part ways, and some ways that you can seamlessly incorporate it into your home.

With animal print, it’s all about the edit. Meaning you can’t go all in on large pieces, mix patterns, or be boastful about your use of it. The most popular animal prints, like leopard, zebra, and tiger prints are loud and dramatic, so you’ll want to scale them down a bit if you want them to be usable in a functional space. If you have a flair for the dramatic, this is the perfect inclusion that will bring a zany appeal to your space, but working in tandem with the right interior design it’s just enough to not seem overwhelming. Be mindful of how you use animal print in your space and the frequency of which it will be featured before investing in any pieces.

At the same time, we’re going to take animal print for what it is: it’s unapologetic, busy, and slightly gaudy, but we’re reclaiming it in an appropriate way. Sometimes, you have to have a playful and self-aware mindset to use animal print in your space, and when it’s successful, this will be evident, with a cheeky sense of liveliness and fun.

Furthermore, it can be used as a vintage throwback to eras that were decadent and illustrious with their popular use of fur, patterns, and animal print in realms like fashion and style as well as design. And when using interior design elements that are influenced by this of-the-past feel, sometimes animal print just fits the style of the room.

When considering how you can use animal print in your home, kids rooms are always the perfect place to start. You can play around and be more exploratory with style, namely because children do not have the same refined taste most adults to, and are more responsive to vivid patterns and colors. It’s the perfect opportunity to layer your use of prints and patterns and juxtapose if you see fit. Additionally, there are endless options for children’s decor that features animal print.

When using animal print in a living room, bedroom, or other area of your home, keep in mind that you’ll want to start small scale, and use it as a striking accent instead of a main feature. This means avoid large-scale pieces like sofas. But if you do choose something of this scale, make sure that it is not the focal point. For example, while a rug is large, it will be hidden underneath other objects that draw the attention away from it. Furthermore, accent pillows and small-scale items are free reign, providing the perfect sized opportunity to use animal print.

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